Our Story

Founded as Encanta Productions by Gabriel Goldberg in 1994, in Miami Beach, Florida, we started small, but quickly grew to become a leading communications and audio-visual production company.

We forged long-term working relationships with more than fifty prominent multi-national brands, including Sony Music, HBO, Stryker, and Olympus; and with top artists, such as Julio Iglesias and Ricky Martin, among others.

Through the years, we accumulated broad experience in both the entertainment and medical devices arenas, specializing in the design and implementation of communication tools that contribute dramatically to improving our clients’ bottom-line.

In 2008, a combination of grave financial turmoil
 and increasingly profound technological disruption 
began to undermine our clients’ business models,
 unchaining a series of events that ultimately had a 
profound impact on Encanta’s viability.

Following a transformational metamorphosis, the company re-emerged in 2014 as Encanta Media Group.

In the process, we came to understand, by our own experience, that the only way to succeed in today’s dynamic times is by continuously evolving and adopting an ever-widening holistic approach.

Actions taken today shouldn’t be just about “business” anymore; they must be strategic – driven by their contribution toward developing a reliable foundation for the future.